Invis mission

We believe in the HERITAGE of classic watches and straps creators. We admire design. That is why, we keep this timepiece unchanged. But we want more. We take what’s best from new technologies. With precision measured in microns we are able to assemble fifty components on the surface of one centimeter. To make us INVISIBLE.

Get Invis and change your classic watch into a smart watch.

How It Works

  • Activity

    Activity monitoring

    Be active! Walk and measure your activity on your smartphone. You don’t need to change your watch for that.

    Your personal assistant will inform you about your achievements.

  • Loss prevention

    Loss prevention

    Loss of phone is a big problem.

    Now, with Invis you will feel vibrations on coming from classic watch strap when distance between you and your phone increases.

    Easy and important.

  • Alarm


    Do you like to sleeping peacefully during your train travel. Set the alarm on your classic watch strap. The alarm will wake you up without disturbing others.

    You can set it by time or by place. This unique feature will help you use relax during your trip.

  • Notifications


    Get email, phone, text notifications from your smartphone on your Invis strap. Customize - your choice.

  • NFC


    Use the Invis strap to open a door, enter the ski lift gate or even unlock your phone.

Your classic watch will remain as it always was.

Smart & classic

Unlike our competitors...

We decided to do absolutely everything to not change classic look of your watch and strap. Why?
Because we believe in the HERITAGE of the creators of classic watches and straps. Because we know that every detail is important, also the case back of your watch.
That’s why we spent thousands working hours on this to be INVISIBLE, so you can enjoy the classic look of your watch and use its advanced functionality in a discreet manner.

Smart & Classic

Let your Invis strap be your personal assistant.

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Use default setting or your own specifications to communicate with your personal assistant.


European Union's Horizon 2020

EU flag This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 826747.